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With her brunette curls gleaming as she models her glamourous cream dress, Jessica Claire Hughes looks every inch the professional model. But she’s not – in fact just six months ago the primary school teacher, from Dublin, was so frustrated by her unexplained hair loss that she applied to join the Viviscal Voices haircare journey.

Jessica Claire said, “I don’t know what I was doing differently, to me it didn’t seem that I was doing anything different at all. But my hair started coming out in handfuls. It got so that I was too embarrassed to brush my hair in front of friends, say if we were getting ready together to go out, because of the amount of hair that would be left behind in the brush. Whenever I got out of the shower I’d see clumps of hair left behind, it was really depressing. I mentioned it to family and friends but I don’t think they really knew how bad it was because my hair didn’t look visibly worse, but I could really feel the difference. Viviscal Voices Ireland - Jessica's before and after shots
Women often lose up to 60% of their hair before the problem becomes visibly noticeable. Luckily Jessica Claire began the Viviscal Voices journey, and today her hair is looking better than ever. She said, “I’m delighted with the difference Viviscal has made. My hair is so much thicker, healthier, shinier, I can actually feel how much more hair is there, and when I brush it now it stays where it should be, on my head, instead of coming off in the brush. The hair loss has stopped and my hair is in the best condition it’s ever been in. My mam and two best friends came along to the grand reveal at the end of the Viviscal Voices journey and they were just delighted for me. I loved the whole experience, the styling, the new clothes of course! – but most of all my hair. Thinning hair really rocked my confidence, but now I feel better than ever.

Dealing With Unexplained Hair Loss

• Female hair loss can be a temporary problem, caused by hormones, medication, dieting, or stress
• For some the problem is genetic – they have naturally thin hair, which can be exacerbated by any of the above conditions
• If you find you’re losing more hair than usual visit your doctor to rule out medical causes like hormone imbalance. You can also try using a natural shampoo and conditioner like Viviscal Gentle Shampoo and Viviscal Volumising Conditioner. Chemicals in other shampoos can damage fragile hair, causing it to break
• Proper nutrition is key, as hair follicles need to be nourished for hair to grow. Make sure you eat a balanced diet, and try a supplement like Viviscal Maximum Strength Supplements to encourage hair growth

About Viviscal

• Viviscal Maximum Strength is a food supplement specifically developed to help boost thinning hair
• Scientifically proven to promote existing hair growth, Viviscal contains the exclusive AminoMar C™ - a protein-rich compound made with marine extracts, and vital vitamins biotin and zinc. Viviscal provides the essential nutrients and amino acids which are the basic structural building units of proteins essential in the formation of the hair structure from within.
• The Irish product that took the world by storm (Viviscal is made right here in Ireland), A-listers from around the globe are queuing up to sing Viviscal’s praises, with Gwyneth Paltrow, Reese Witherspoon and Katherine Jenkins all crediting their long, healthy locks to a daily dose of Viviscal.

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At Viviscal, we understand hair and have been researching hair loss for over 25 years. Viviscal supplements contain our marine protein complex AminoMar C™, plus Biotin and Zinc, which specifically nourish hair follicles to help maintain healthy hair from within, as proven in clinical trials.
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