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Trish Donohoe was thrilled to become a first-time-mum in her early 40s – and even more thrilled when a second baby followed soon after. But while life with her two little sons and husband Alan was better than ever, there was one casualty of Trish’s pregnancies – her hair. Like many women across Ireland Trish, from Ballylinan, Co Laois, suffered from post partum hair loss, and while she quickly got back to normal, her hair was not so lucky.

Trish said, “My hair had always been very thick but now I found it had lost a lot of volume, and was very slow to grow. This had a knock on effect because I was afraid to try new looks, I didn’t want to get my hair cut because it was so slow to grow back and I didn’t want to be stuck with a style I didn’t like while I waited for it to grow so I ended up trapped in a style rut. I turned into what I call a ponytail mam, keeping my hair up in a ponytail all day and only letting my hair down – literally – when the kids were in bed at night.
Luckily Trish spotted an application form for the Viviscal Voices journey. Leading hair supplement Viviscal was offering six lucky women the chance to go on the haircare journey of their lives. Every month they would receive a free supply of Viviscal Maximum Strength Supplements, Viviscal Gentle Shampoo, Viviscal Moisturising Conditioner, Viviscal Hair and Scalp Serum and Viviscal Volumising Hair Fibres, as well as a luxury monthly blow dry in a salon of their choice and appointments with one of the country’s leading trichologist.
Viviscal Voices Ireland - Trish's before and after shots
To top it all off, at the end of their six month journey each Viviscal Voice would be treated to a full top to toe makeover and glamourous photoshoot. Trish immediately applied, and was thrilled to be chosen as one of the final six.
She said, “The difference Viviscal has made to my hair is amazing. It’s so much thicker, healthier, it’s better in every way. I can really feel the difference when I pull it back to put it in a ponytail, there’s just loads more hair there – not that I’m putting it back in a ponytail too much these days! It’s really boosted my confidence too, I’m delighted with the result, and I loved getting my hair blow-dried professionally every month, Anne-Marie in Hair Affaire in Athy made me feel like a million dollars. The whole experience has been great from start to finish and my hair has never looked better.

Post Partum Hair Loss

• With that gorgeous pregnancy glow came thick and lustrous hair, full of body and shine thanks to elevated levels of progesterone and oestrogen, but three to five months after baby’s arrival, hormone levels begin to drop
• New mums often find they begin to lose hair at a rapid and worrying rate, with up to 500 hairs a day going down the plug hole
• Hair loss following pregnancy can be unexpected and upsetting, but thankfully scientifically formulated natural hair supplement Viviscal Maximum Strength is at hand to help you regain and regrow your beloved hair and get you back to feeling like the yummy mummy that you are

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At Viviscal, we understand hair and have been researching hair loss for over 25 years. Viviscal supplements contain our marine protein complex AminoMar C™, plus Biotin and Zinc, which specifically nourish hair follicles to help maintain healthy hair from within, as proven in clinical trials.
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