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Take the Viviscal 90 Day Challenge

Please note - results may vary from individual to individual and depend on several factors

Take the Viviscal 90 Day Challenge

If you would like thicker, fuller looking hair, why not join the thousands of women worldwide who have taken the Viviscal 90 day challenge!

It’s as easy as taking our award-winning Viviscal Supplements for 90 days and using just two drops of our Viviscal Elixir twice daily. We’re confident you’ll see thicker, fuller looking hair after 90 days.

The 90 day challenge allows you to compare experiences with other women like you in our private Facebook group. As it is private, you can talk in confidence with other women that are taking the challenge with you. The group can only be accessed by group members and provides a confidential place for you to receive motivation and encouragement.

How to join the Viviscal 90 Day Challenge group:

1. Buy a 90 day supply of Viviscal supplements and elixir.
2. Search for ‘Viviscal 90 Day Challenge’ on Facebook and click the ‘Join Group’ button.
3. We will then provide you access to talk with other women like you to share your hair questions, hints and tips.
4. Take your Hair Selfie photo before you start, again at 45 days and at 90 days to track your progress.



Watch real women who have already put the Viviscal Hair Growth and Hair Care Programme to the test


Women from around the world have taken the Viviscal 90 day hair challenge.

Cheryl Baker experienced thinning hair as a result of Overstyling as part of her singer persona, after she had her twins and after she went through the menopause. In this video she shares her Viviscal experiences.

Emir Holohan, a proud mum of 6 and former Miss Ireland, shares her experience with Viviscal after she experienced thinning hair post pregnancy.


At Viviscal, we understand hair and have been researching hair loss for over 25 years. Viviscal supplements contain our marine protein complex AminoMar C™, plus Biotin and Zinc, which specifically nourish hair follicles to help maintain healthy hair from within, as proven in clinical trials.
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